Our Story...


Conceived & founded by a team of award-winning film industry and community-minded professionals, The Appalachian Cinematic Film Council is on mission "to promote the improvement and integration of quality, redemptive storytelling in film and video, both across Appalachia and worldwide." The ACA Council believes that the most effective ways to accomplish this mission are to:


a. Encourage the creation and distribution of quality feature films using talented cast and crew from the industry, educating aspiring filmmakers to join the process, learning as they work in a real-world environment.  


b. Conducts unique advanced training programs through our hands-on filmmaking mentorships, classes, workshops, festivals, and seminars. 



Additionally, the ACA Council offers career development and production counseling, and, via the  "CARE awards", honors notable contributors to the film community.

We are "developing tomorrow’s redemptive storytellers."

Our Responsibility...


     The Appalachian Cinematic Arts Council takes great pride in the fact that we are a fiscally lean organization with monies going into our educational programs, films, and services rather than into salaries or other such operational costs. 

Due to our base of operations, particular attention is given to encourage and support individuals who live in and come from disadvantaged communities in Appalachia, although we serve filmmaking communities across the US, UK, Canada, and South America. 


The Appalachian Cinematic Arts Council is a not for profit organization and is in the process of finalizing their 501c3 status.